The Banzo Draws Near…

We hope that you guys are as excited as we are. Why you might ask? Well, it is only because the Banzo event is upon us! We getting closer and closer to our Jarbanzo out break! We have been waiting for this moment for quite sometime now and so have you guys! We just want to say thank you guys for waiting on us and giving us the time we need to actually plan this whole event out, it has been sometime since we actually have smiled like the way we are smiling behind our computer screens and we want to thank you guys for making this all possible.

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First, lets kick it off with how you guys are going to arrive at this event. There are many different transport companies that you can use and choose from, but finding the right one that actually suits you the best is the hard part. We know that you guys would rather take an easy route, but that is not how this works buddy. We want to let you guys know from experience that is not how any of this stuff works and JarBanzo prides itself in being a hard-working company. So, the second your transport drops you off, you should get ready to start working hard from the beginning. We are not trying to be rude, it is just part of the mentality training. We want people to understand this is all part of the process, to make you guys better people that is all we are asking for. We want you guys to prosper even if you guys do not want to prosper yourself, we will always have faith in you because we believe in your best interest and always have your best interest in mind. We know we might seem like a tough business, but would you guys prefer if we were much more lenient and then got nothing finished or just let you guys slip away with everything, thus not allowing you guys to succeed. We thought that wouldn’t be what you want, but if that is what you actually want then we are happy to refer you to some super easy business that would love to give you a handout if your that much in need. We do not like to work with weak minds if you haven’t already figured that out yet. We are glad if you understand where we are coming from, and if you don’t you will find out soon enough what we mean by hard work only because we will push you guys to places you have never been before. We made this post just to show how much appreciation we had for you guys and we wanted to let you guys know how important you are to us even though we keep repeating that line over and over again, it is to make a very valid point in showing how much respect we got for you guys. So, make sure you guys get Banzo ready for the event.

Shout out to Limousine Paso Robles for sponsoring our site much appreciation!

Banzo Schedule

We as of now are on track to start our JarBanzo program. We are still working out the little kinks here and there that way everything runs smoothly. We know that everyone is interested in when our program will start up and we would like to say thank you guys for having such interest in our company because it shows how dedicated you guys are to our company, if you guys did not know that you were dedicated already.

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Based of the reports we have we cannot tell you guys an actual date when we will be starting, but we can tell you this we almost have all the materials that we need to begin starting our journey, so we are almost there. We do require however a-little more time, assistance and money. Now tell me who wouldn’t mind getting more of that huh? Anyways we are really happy to see all the individuals who are excited about our program an we will make sure that you guys get the enjoyment that you deserve because it is only right that you guys get the service that you want right, if we didn’t give you that service than we are bad people for withholding valuable information that can and will ultimately better your life. We know that it is not easy waiting for things you want, but sometimes the best things in life you have to wait for. So, the same applies to this Banzo program, we do not want to wait however, it looks as if we will be waiting on the day we start accepting individuals into our program. We hope that it is worth the wait and we hope that this update really helped clear up anything that was on your mind. So, this is a to be announced update and enjoy the rest of your day guys!

Welcome to the world of Banzo!

Hey guys and welcome to JarBanzo you guys are probably curious what our site is all about right. We are able to show you what it means. We just appreciate people who go all out and just act crazy. We want people to know that just because you are a does not deserve to not have fun you should always have fun. And that is partially the reason why our site JarBanza was created. We decided that we were going to find innovative ways of getting people to understand what it really means to have fun. We have seen people time and time again confirm to what society whats them to be, and we are not impressed with that. We want individuals to truly be themselves and be comfortable in their own skin. We understand that we are asking for a-lot seeing how we are a bit of an unorthodox site and all, but we really do not think we are asking for too much because when push comes to shove we are doing what any site who cares about the world would be doing and that is outreaching. Now if you have not gotten the gist of what Jarbanzo’s is all about you will figure out in future posts to come. We do not like to spill all of our beans at once, so you will have to keep coming back if you really want to understand what type of company we are, and what we promote. We are not satisfied with individuals just living a day to day life only because we have lived that life ourselves and know from a real perspective that is not a life worth living at all. We want people to be crazy and wacky because that is what life is all about being yourself and being comfortable in your own skin. Once you figure that out then you will truly understand what it means to really live!

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A discussion that comes up time and time again is what is the difference between living and just being alive, well their is a big difference because in one you are just living your life like a robot while in another situation you are actually living life to the fullest, now does that sound awesome or what. If it doesn’t sound awesome to you then you probably truly haven’t lived yet and you are in doubt. The only answer to that problem is to start living your life as of now. You have now been ordered by the fun council to start living your life! We know that this decision may be a tough one, but in the end (the long run). It will all be worth it to know you had an awesome life full of memories that you will enjoy for a long time, so with this being said make sure you invest in yourself, one of the most important investments an individual can make. We hope this first post makes a-lot of sense to you


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