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Hey guys and welcome to JarBanzo you guys are probably curious what our site is all about right. We are able to show you what it means. We just appreciate people who go all out and just act crazy. We want people to know that just because you are a does not deserve to not have fun you should always have fun. And that is partially the reason why our site JarBanza was created. We decided that we were going to find innovative ways of getting people to understand what it really means to have fun. We have seen people time and time again confirm to what society whats them to be, and we are not impressed with that. We want individuals to truly be themselves and be comfortable in their own skin. We understand that we are asking for a-lot seeing how we are a bit of an unorthodox site and all, but we really do not think we are asking for too much because when push comes to shove we are doing what any site who cares about the world would be doing and that is outreaching. Now if you have not gotten the gist of what Jarbanzo’s is all about you will figure out in future posts to come. We do not like to spill all of our beans at once, so you will have to keep coming back if you really want to understand what type of company we are, and what we promote. We are not satisfied with individuals just living a day to day life only because we have lived that life ourselves and know from a real perspective that is not a life worth living at all. We want people to be crazy and wacky because that is what life is all about being yourself and being comfortable in your own skin. Once you figure that out then you will truly understand what it means to really live!

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A discussion that comes up time and time again is what is the difference between living and just being alive, well their is a big difference because in one you are just living your life like a robot while in another situation you are actually living life to the fullest, now does that sound awesome or what. If it doesn’t sound awesome to you then you probably truly haven’t lived yet and you are in doubt. The only answer to that problem is to start living your life as of now. You have now been ordered by the fun council to start living your life! We know that this decision may be a tough one, but in the end (the long run). It will all be worth it to know you had an awesome life full of memories that you will enjoy for a long time, so with this being said make sure you invest in yourself, one of the most important investments an individual can make. We hope this first post makes a-lot of sense to you


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