Banzo Schedule

We as of now are on track to start our JarBanzo program. We are still working out the little kinks here and there that way everything runs smoothly. We know that everyone is interested in when our program will start up and we would like to say thank you guys for having such interest in our company because it shows how dedicated you guys are to our company, if you guys did not know that you were dedicated already.

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Based of the reports we have we cannot tell you guys an actual date when we will be starting, but we can tell you this we almost have all the materials that we need to begin starting our journey, so we are almost there. We do require however a-little more time, assistance and money. Now tell me who wouldn’t mind getting more of that huh? Anyways we are really happy to see all the individuals who are excited about our program an we will make sure that you guys get the enjoyment that you deserve because it is only right that you guys get the service that you want right, if we didn’t give you that service than we are bad people for withholding valuable information that can and will ultimately better your life. We know that it is not easy waiting for things you want, but sometimes the best things in life you have to wait for. So, the same applies to this Banzo program, we do not want to wait however, it looks as if we will be waiting on the day we start accepting individuals into our program. We hope that it is worth the wait and we hope that this update really helped clear up anything that was on your mind. So, this is a to be announced update and enjoy the rest of your day guys!