The Banzo Draws Near…

We hope that you guys are as excited as we are. Why you might ask? Well, it is only because the Banzo event is upon us! We getting closer and closer to our Jarbanzo out break! We have been waiting for this moment for quite sometime now and so have you guys! We just want to say thank you guys for waiting on us and giving us the time we need to actually plan this whole event out, it has been sometime since we actually have smiled like the way we are smiling behind our computer screens and we want to thank you guys for making this all possible.

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First, lets kick it off with how you guys are going to arrive at this event. There are many different transport companies that you can use and choose from, but finding the right one that actually suits you the best is the hard part. We know that you guys would rather take an easy route, but that is not how this works buddy. We want to let you guys know from experience that is not how any of this stuff works and JarBanzo prides itself in being a hard-working company. So, the second your transport drops you off, you should get ready to start working hard from the beginning. We are not trying to be rude, it is just part of the mentality training. We want people to understand this is all part of the process, to make you guys better people that is all we are asking for. We want you guys to prosper even if you guys do not want to prosper yourself, we will always have faith in you because we believe in your best interest and always have your best interest in mind. We know we might seem like a tough business, but would you guys prefer if we were much more lenient and then got nothing finished or just let you guys slip away with everything, thus not allowing you guys to succeed. We thought that wouldn’t be what you want, but if that is what you actually want then we are happy to refer you to some super easy business that would love to give you a handout if your that much in need. We do not like to work with weak minds if you haven’t already figured that out yet. We are glad if you understand where we are coming from, and if you don’t you will find out soon enough what we mean by hard work only because we will push you guys to places you have never been before. We made this post just to show how much appreciation we had for you guys and we wanted to let you guys know how important you are to us even though we keep repeating that line over and over again, it is to make a very valid point in showing how much respect we got for you guys. So, make sure you guys get Banzo ready for the event.

Shout out to Limousine Paso Robles for sponsoring our site much appreciation!