Pledge Agreement

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Before we start with this Jarbanzo experiment we need to know that you are fully on board with what we are teaching. We need your full acknowledgement that will issue your full energy on everything and anything you do while you on this Banzo experiment. We know that it may be a little bit unorthodox and that is fine because we are an unorthodox site. We want people to understand that we are a company that doesn’t like quitters and if you are a known quitter you can go ahead and quit this program too. We want you guys to pledge to this program and more importantly pledge to be great! Because if you do not pledge then it is like a slap in our face because you are saying that this program doesn’t even matter when it does matter! A simple pledge goes a long way in the growth of an individual trust us.

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By pledging you will then have these certain feelings…

  • You feel the need to stay in the program! When you pledge you will know that you are no longer doing this for yourself, you are now doing it for everyone one of the other pledges as well. When that feeling hits you then you will be shocked about how important completing the process really is. We want you to really know that it is a team endeavor and that you will never be completing this process on your own, that is the actually the real reality behind it.
  • You will know what hard work feels like. This is a complete rewiring of the brain in the sense that you are not even used to. You will not understand why you have to do some of the stuff we train you in the training to do, but when you do end up doing it you will understand in the long run what type of message we were trying to convey.
  • You will understand how it feels to be committed. If you have never stuck to anything for long periods of time, well here is your chance to finally commit to something that is bigger than yourself. Once you start you are going to want to quit trust us we have been  through it all and understand what type of people are made when our program is finished an we are sure you will also be added into that lineage of awesome individuals who seek a destination and set their mind on it, relentlessly to accomplish it.

We have only given you guys a taste of what it will feel like when you finish your journey. This is just a snip bit of what success will look like when you finish your journey. It is hard to say how you will turn out when everything is said and done, but just know this it was all worth the effort of taking the chance to do something awesome and willing enough to the point, you are successful beyond your wildest dreams!